14 Graphic Designer(s) to Follow

14 Graphic Designer(s) to Follow

Are you a budding graphic designer? Need to get inspired by the top notch graphic designers? Here is a list of 14 graphic designers to follow for bringing that oomph in your thought process. Have a look on the list.

  1. MadsBerg Illustration14 Graphic Designer(s) to Follow

Copenhagen-based, Mads Berg is widely known for his modern art deco style and vintage graphics. His main fields of illustration are posters, brand illustrations, key visuals, editorial illustrations, cover art, and murals. The illustrations are portrayed by a style which interprets classic poster art into a modern and timeless look.

His trimmed back environments provide a chic simplicity that delivers a brief narrative message. Mads Berg has been working as an illustrator and designer since 2001 and has collaborated with numerous multinational clients such as Coca-Cola, Orangina, San Diego Zoo, Lego, Monocle, and Wired.


  1. Twopots14 Graphic Designer(s) to Follow

There are two minds working behind the success of Twopots.

Xavier Esclusa (Art Director & Graphic Designer): Taking educated from Barcelona as a graphic designer, photographer and multimedia artist Xavier has worked in Ibiza and Brazil. At present, he is established in Vic (Barcelona) and works as an art director of www.twopots-design.com

Núria Vilardell (Graphic Designer): Educated as a graphic designer at the Art School of Vic, continued her studies in Barcelona, where she studied photography and multimedia. At this moment, she is a graphic designer and photographer in the company.


  1. Mark Brooks14 Graphic Designer(s) to Follow

Mark Brooks is a graphic designer and art director born in Barcelona. He moved to New York in 2002 where he grew up as a designer and lived and worked until 2007. Since then he is working on design and advertising projects which call for art direction, graphic design, illustration, typography, and branding.


  1. EVERYWHERE YOU GO14 Graphic Designer(s) to Follow

With a lot of dedication and a wide range of drawing styles and techniques, Lara Bispinck (graphic designer)works both in analog and digital. Her goal is to translate ideas into images and to achieve the perfect result with each individually designed illustration.  Lara has an experience of many years of a holistic view of shapes and colors.


  1. Hoodzpah Design14 Graphic Designer(s) to Follow

Hoodzpah is a branding agency with moxie. They take delight in creating things that are bliss to the senses and serve the purpose as well. Hoodspah Design also carried the torch of brands that have come before them, designing on campaigns and projects for cultural pillars like Google, Disney, Vox Media, and Target.


  1. Doe Eyed14 Graphic Designer(s) to Follow

Doe Eyed is a design studio and is based out of Portland, Oregon; Eric Nyffeler’s posters mix gritty geometry with hand-drawn elements to create a sometimes quirky and imaginative; sometimes humble style that is helping to redefine the visual aesthetic of the Midwest. Doe Eyed’s work has charmed the editors of publications such as Communication Arts, Print, HOW and IdN, and has been featured in books such as Gigposters: Volume 2, Playful Type 2, Damn Good and 1000 Indie Rock Posters.


  1. Mauro Gatti’s House of Fun14 Graphic Designer(s) to Follow

Mauro Gatti’s is an Italian illustrator and graphic designer based in Los Angeles, California. Over the years he has been working on illustrations, branding, games, apps, videos, mobile stickers and installations for an amazing range of clients, from MTV, Nike and Disney to JibJab, Line, Redbull, Vans and lots of local businesses and community organizations.

In his words, he takes inspiration from his dogs Ozzy, Nena and Cyrus, Italo disco music, the almighty Internet, good food, black and white movies, Ed Emberley, Ryohei Yanagihara, Alberto Sordi, and every funny thing he comes across.


  1. Jeff Ostberg14 Graphic Designer(s) to Follow

Jeff Östberg is a Swedish Illustrator currently living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. He is available for freelance work and other types of collaboration. You can visit him on the link below to have full knowledge of his work.


  1. Matt Chase14 Graphic Designer(s) to Follow

Matt is a designer & illustrator living and working in Washington, DC. You can visit him on the link below to have full knowledge of his work.


  1. Thibault Daumain14 Graphic Designer(s) to Follow

Thibault Daumain is French multi-disciplinary creative guy working in Paris. Since 2009, he has worked as a freelancer on a wide range of projects including branding, packaging, advertising, web design, and illustration. Whether it concerns professional or personal projects, he likes to constantly challenge himself. Love to experiment and explore new processes, subjects, and tools, Thibault Daumain strives to obtain unique images.


  1. Russ Gray14 Graphic Designer(s) to Follow

Russ Gray is a graphic designer/illustrator based in Salt Lake City, Utah. His unique blend of experience has taught him much about how to build brands. As an in-house creative director and designer, he learned intimately how creative and marketing work interplays with the other team members sitting at the boardroom table. As principal of Russ Gray Design, he had worked both directly with companies, as well as for agencies as a remote team member such as Nickelodeon, Sony Pictures, Universal, Dreamworks, McDonald’s, and much more.


  1. John Larigakis14 Graphic Designer(s) to Follow

John Larigakis is an Art Director, Illustrator & graphic designer based in Vancouver. He has worked on campaigns for Volkswagen, Netflix, PepsiCo, Bud Light, Canadian Milk, The Eatery, Canadian Tourism, BC Lotteries and BC Hydro, and he is the co-creator of a cartoon series called Snack Time.


  1. Ideastorm Creative Studio14 Graphic Designer(s) to Follow

IdeaStorm Creative Studio is the freelance work of Alex Asfour, a designer, and illustrator with a passion for all things art, design, and travel. He works on various types of client work and personal projects. His client’s work includes illustrated posters, editorial assignments, book/magazine covers, infographics, packaging, and other commissioned jobs.


  1. Grzegorz Domaradzki14 Graphic Designer(s) to Follow

Grzegorz Domaradzki or Gabz graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań with a Master’s degree in Graphic Arts and Drawing. A conscious effort to make his work more broadly appealing and optimistic in its tone has coincided with an increasing focus on his favorite way of creating images: he initially works with pencil and/or pen, before the hand-drawn art gets perfected on his iMac. He also works with vectors, watercolor, acrylic and oil paint. His majors in graphic design and enjoys playing with custom-made typography. His work is attractive, intriguing and captivating in terms of technique, bright colors, and concept.






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