Beginners Guide to Corel Draw

Corel Draw is among the world’s top designing software, providing the best-known graphics and digital media products. It is easy to learn and use, helps achieve newer levels of creativity. Some of the tasks that can be easily performed in Corel Draw are creating complex drawings, logo designs, cover pages, calendars etc. It is basically a window based graphics design application that is used to organize text and graphics. The sheer convenience of using Corel Draw makes it its biggest attraction.

Basics Of Corel Draw

Corel Draw has several versions released and the latest one is X8. While with every new version there are some new tools added, the base remains the same. Let us have an idea about the main toolbar of Corel Draw X3.

  • The toolbar begins with the PICK TOOL which lets you select, size or scale, skew, stretch and rotate objects. This tool does not have any fly out or a submenu of its own. It is the first tool in the main toolbar of any version of Corel Draw.
  • The second tool that comes after the Pick Tool is the SHAPE TOOL. As the name has it, it is used to shape the object you are creating. The fly out of the shape tool gives you more options for shaping your object. The shape edit fly out has tools like SMUDGE, ROUGHEN, FREEHANDBasics Of Corel Draw

The Smudge Tool lets you distort the object by dragging it along the outline of the particular object. Similarly, the Roughen tool lets you distort the outline of an object. In other words, lets you roughen the outline.

  • Next are the CROP TOOL, this enables you to crop a segment or portion of the image/object as per your desire. The fly out consists of KNIFE TOOL, VIRTUAL SEGMENT TOOL, and ERASER TOOL. The knife lets you cut through the objects; the virtual segment tool lets you segment objects that are between intersections. Basics Of Corel Draw

Lastly, the eraser tool lets you erase the unwanted areas of your object or drawing.

  • The ZOOM TOOL lets you zoom in or out of your object. The PAN or HAND TOOL lets you control which part of the drawing on the screen. Basics Of Corel Draw
  • Next are the CURVE TOOLS; the first being the FREEHAND TOOL which allows you to draw single line curves and segments freehand. The next in the curve tools is BEZIER TOOL which lets you draw one segment at a time. The ARTISTIC MEDIA TOOL lets you use the Presets, Brush, Sprayer, Pressure and Calligraphic tools for some artistic playfulness.
  • Other tools in the Curve tools are the PEN TOOL which lets you draw curves and segment one at a time. Next to that is the POLYLINE TOOL which lets you draw lines and curves in a preview mode.
  • 3 POINT CURVE TOOL lets you draw a curve that has a start point, a center point, and an end point. Next is the INTERACTIVE CONNECTING TOOL that lets you draw connectors for various purposes.

Last in this Curve tool list is the DIMENSION TOOL that helps you define dimensions in your drawing.

  • SMART FILL TOOL; lets you create separate objects in your drawing so that you can fill those with colors. The fly out consists of the SMART DRAWING TOOL which allows you to draw freehand and then converts the shape into the closest shape with no rough edges.Basics Of Corel Draw
  • With the RECTANGLE TOOL, you can draw rectangles of varying shapes and sizes. The fly out has a 3 POINT RECTANGLE TOOL which enables you to draw rectangles at an angle.Basics Of Corel Draw
  • The ELLIPSE TOOL enables you to draw ellipses of various shapes and sizes and the fly out is 3 POINT ELLIPSE TOOL that lets you make ellipses at an angle.Basics Of Corel Draw
  • Up next are the OBJECT TOOLS. This has a fly out that flashes five tools; the BASIC SHAPES TOOL enables you to draw basic shapes like hexagrams, smiley faces, right angles triangles. Next to that is the ARROW SHAPES that lets you draw arrows of various shapes and with a number of heads. With the FLOWCHART SHAPES TOOL, you can draw flowchart symbols.

BANNER SHAPES TOOL can let you draw banners, ribbon shapes etc. Last is the CALLOUT SHAPES, which is there to make callout and labels.Basics Of Corel Draw

  • The TEXT TOOL enables you to insert text in your drawing. You can change the font type, the size, bold, italics etc. The TABLE TOOL lets you insert a table and edit its content.
  • INTERACTIVE TOOLS are very important that let you play with your drawing. In other words, they let you add effects as well as make major changes in the drawing.

The first one is the DROP SHADOW that is used to apply shadow to any object.

The CONTOUR TOOL helps to apply a contour to an object.

The BLEND TOOL helps to blend in two objects.

The DISTORTION TOOL lets you apply a push or a pull distortion in the object.

The ENVELOPE TOOL lets you enclose text in a shape by dragging the nodes of the shape.

The EXTRUDE TOOL lets you add a sensation of depth in the objects.

The TRANSPARENCY TOOL applies transparency to the desired objects.

  • EYEDROPPER TOOL lets you select and copy the color of any object. The PAINBUCKET TOOL lets you fill in that color in the desired area. In addition to this, the Eyedropper can pick up color as well as object attributes.Basics Of Corel Draw
  • The OUTLINE TOOL lets you change the outline of objects and texts. OUTLINE COLOR DIALOG changes that color of the outline. Then there is an option of ‘No Outline’ in addition to which there are outline thicknesses given to let you directly to choose the thickness of your outline.Basics Of Corel Draw
  • The FILL TOOL lets you access to color filling tools such as Uniform Fill, Fountain Fill etc.Basics Of Corel Draw
  • The INTERACTIVE FILL helps you in generated various fills in a single drawing. The fly out has an option of MESH FILL which applies a mesh grid on the object and lets you change to fill in various grid blocks.Basics Of Corel Draw


These are the tools that the Corel Draw main toolbar consists of. These are of the most help while you start drawing your graphic. Hope this information suffices and lets you help in getting started with this unique designing software.

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