CorelDraw versus Photoshop

A quick guide to CorelDraw versus Photoshop: We live in a world predominated by the internet. The internet is flooded with a variety of awe-inspiring graphic designs that are not merely confined to a class but now has a reach to the masses. Web designs are a must to promote your business or your art. The graphics have a great impact on your websites otherwise, it would appear humdrum and boring. To make your website appeal to the visitors, graphics are a must and to make or create such striking graphics; a graphic software is essential.

Two such leading graphic designing suites are Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop. Both are prominent, but the question arises which is better. The answer to this might vary as it is based on the work preferences of an individual. One might say Corel Draw is the best as he or she has mastered the software. It typically depends on the designer, what is he or she is developing and which software would fulfill his or her needs of designing.

Let us have an idea as to what are the differences between Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop, what these soft wares are, and what purposes are served by each of the two.

Corel Draw Graphic Suite

CorelDraw versus Photoshop

Corel Draw graphics suite is unique software for editing vector graphics professionally. It has an ability to adjust elements like contrast and color balance within the vector area. It is indeed a powerful software for fulfilling all kinds of designing purposes. Corel Draw is laden with dynamic hints, video product tours, and hands-on project tutorials that will have you designing elements in no time.  Most logos are made in Corel Draw; the artwork is created by the help of mathematical equations which allows you to enlarge your image without losing its design integrity.

Corel Draw Graphic Suite comprises of Corel PHOTO-PAINT which is helpful in editing and retouching photos, Corel CAPTURE for screen grabs; ConceptShare which is a collaboration service and finally the Bitstream Font Navigator. You can also insert a barcode in your vector image that is quite useful while working with products, the bar-code wizard helps you do that easily.

Corel Draw comes in trial versions too; you can download a 15 days trial and get know-how of the software. Corel deals with features that are more apt for desktop publishing. It enables you to add multiple pages in a single file. In a nutshell, Corel Draw is like a combined InDesign and Illustrator. (InDesign is a product of Adobe that is also used for desktop publishing).

Adobe Photoshop

CorelDraw versus Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is raster program, which means it interprets data in the form of pixels. Each pixel contains a fixed amount of data that can be distorted as per DPI that is the Dots Per Inch of the image. Photoshop works great with the photos but to have a hand over the vector designing part one has to consider using another Adobe’s software called the Adobe Illustrator. The newer versions of Photoshop have features to develop 3D artworks and movies and even support vector data.

It is the industry-standard tool for graphic designing and every designer uses it to create as well as edit images or photos. Photoshop allows you to add layers to your image, and you can edit each layer separately. It is very useful to design and manipulate images within the software. Nowadays Adobe Photoshop is chiefly used in the design industry for creating and designing purposes. It has certain effects that another designing software lack and hence Photoshop has an edge over the rest of the designing software.

Up till now, we got a brief idea as to what both the software do, let us now discuss the differences between the two.

CorelDraw versus Photoshop: Differences

Difference #1

When using Corel Draw you can make a vector image as large as you want; as earlier stated Corel works on the mathematical equations and hence a block of color remains a block of color. In simpler words, the image is not pixelated in Corel Draw. For instance, if your image size is 1 inch by 1 inch you can scale it to 1 foot by 1 foot and it will not lose its design integrity and will look the same.

On the other hand, Photoshop work on pixels and hence (taking the same example) if you stretch your image of 1 inch by 1 inch to 1 foot by 1 foot, the image is certainly going to lose its design and shall suffer pixelation.

Difference #2

Corel Draw separates colors in print function of the program. The program not only allows you to separate into CMYK but also Pantone colors; this feature is not primarily available in Adobe Photoshop.

Difference #3

This difference is the deciding factor as per your need for making designs. All the creative effects that we perceive on the internet are made or created in Adobe Photoshop.

Corel Draw does not have any of those effects.

As we have meandered along the outlines of the software we can reach at our personal conclusions according to our work needs. If one is proficient in Photoshop but needs to design vectors then Illustrator can come handy. Similarly, Corel Photo-Paint can be used to manipulate raster images.

In the end, it’s an individual’s choice to decide which seems to be a better fit for his or her needs. Both the programs are equally eligible for making jaw dropping designs and once mastered can make you lead the market!

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