Know about Graphic Tablet

Know about Graphic Tablet

Technology is fast and ever-changing. Today in this article we are going to discuss one such technology that is sure to insist you on buying one! Let’s have a look on the Graphic Tablet.

Graphics Tablet: What is it!?Must have tools for a Graphic Designer

Going by a subtle definition, a graphics tablet is a hardware input device used primarily by digital artists, though many non-artists use them as well. It is also known as a pen tablet, drawing tablet or digitizer. Graphics tablets have a hard plastic, touch-sensitive drawing surface that transfers stylus or mouse movements to a monitor.

The position of the stylus or mouse directly associates to the position of the cursor on the monitor. It takes a while to get used to drawing on the tablet surface, but once you are through with it, it is kind of fun.

Wacom is the most popular manufacturer of the graphic tablet.

Let us have an insight of the features of a Graphic Tablet.

  1. Size:Know about Graphic Tablet

Graphics tablets range in size from 4″ x 5″ to 18″ x 12″.  While the Cintiq measures as gigantic as 20.4″ x 12.8″, small tablets are suitable for home and professional use, most artists prefer mid-size to large tablets because they allow for more natural drawing/painting movement. For non-artists, a small tablet will usually suffice.

  1. Programmable Features

Features may vary from tablet to tablet, but most come with at least a few programmable buttons whether they are on the tablet itself or on the stylus. The following is a list of a few of the buttons:

  • Express Keys

Know about Graphic Tablet

Most tablets include express keys. These keys can be programmed to perform frequently used keystrokes and functions.

  • Stylus Side Switches

The side switches on a stylus are typically set at double-click and right-click. However, some models give you the option to modify these default functions.

  • Touch Ring

Some graphic tabs come with a touch ring. This touch sensitive area controls auto scroll/zoom, layers, brush size, and canvas rotation. You can also program it to perform other functions

  1. Stylus Features

    Know about Graphic Tablet


  • The Nib

In addition to the standard hard plastic nib, some graphic tablets like Wacom offer a variety of additional nibs for their pens. Flex nibs will give you a pencil on paper feel but will not wear down as quickly as their felt counterpart.  There are stroke nibs as well. They have a tiny spring that allows the nib just enough give to transform your stylus into what feels like a paintbrush.

  • Eraser Tip

Many tablet pens come with a pressure-sensitive eraser that works just like a pencil eraser. Instead of erasing graphite or ink, it erases digital marks and information in programs ranging from Microsoft Word to Adobe Photoshop.

  • Stylus Side Switches

    Know about Graphic Tablet

The side switches on a stylus are typically set at double-click and right-click.

  1. Pressure LevelsKnow about Graphic Tablet
    Pressure levels for most tablets are either 256, 512, 1024, or 2048. These numbers refer to the levels of sensitivity of the stylus. Higher levels are the most sensitive and produce the best results. Pressure levels work on the same principle as a paintbrush, pencil or piece of chalk- the harder you press, the darker and thicker the line.

Other Brands to Consider

There are a lot of brands who make graphic tablets. Following graphics tablet manufacturers don’t offer many features as the Wacom tablet, but they offer fine features at reasonable prices. Have a look!

  • PenPower

    Know about Graphic Tablet

For home and office use, PenPower’s TOOYA PRO will do the job. Other than this, their midrange tablet, Monet, and their higher end tablet, Picasso, are good for professional use.

  • VisTablet

Priced fewer than forty dollars, the PenPad is their most affordable tablet. What makes this tablet unique is that it has a flexible surface.

  • Adesso

If you’re thinking about going wireless, the Addesso CyberTablet W10 is one option to consider. Adesso also offers three non-wireless models too.


  • Genius

    Know about Graphic Tablet

The PenSketch M912A is their top of the line model and is ideal for artists, designers, and CAD users. The G-Pen 560 is their 4.5″ x 6″ entry level model. Unlike most basic tablets, the G-Pen 560 has hot-keys that can be programmed for a variety of functions.

A Graphic Tablet is the mouse or a pencil of the new world. If you are a budding designer and want to get new and creative results surely you can have a graphic tablet as your desk.

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