Logo Design Tips

Logo Design Tips

According to Wikipedia, A logo (abbreviation of logotype) is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. When we are talking about Logo, the first thing that crosses our mind is that Logo designing is an easy task. Ask the designer!! It takes a lot of contemplation to get a logo done that satisfies a client as well as a designer. There are multitudes of ideas for designing a logo but one has to pass the storm to get to the best one. Here we give you some Logo Design Tips for making a design that lasts forever.

Six Pro tips for creating an unmatched logo

  • Simple designs are quickly understood

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It is a very quick and obvious tip that a lot of designers tend to forget. Simple designs are easy to understand and memorize compared to that of the complex ones. Easy and simple logo tend to get stuck in people’s mind and whenever they happen to see the logo they are reminded of the brand and in some cases the taste of the product as well.

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A simple logo also pumps up the sale of the product as per psychology, as simpler logos are easy to remember and pops up in the mind more frequently. Huge multinationals often take use of simplistic designs such as Coke and Pepsi so that their products remain in the minds of the customer through their logos.

  • Colors have a big effect

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If you think black and white is the ultimate thing, try using colors. Colors have the power to affect feelings and emotions. Colors connect more than black and white images, they can be used to both portray the message of the company and help the audience connect the logo with the message. Let us have a glimpse of what significant message each color conveys.




energetic, sexy, and bold


creative, friendly, youthful


sunny, inventive, optimism


growth, organic, instructional

professional, medical, tranquil, trustworthy


spiritual, wise, evocative

credible and powerful


simple, clean, pure


fun and flirty


rural, historical, steady


  • Use of Typography

Typography helps a lot in defining a logo. The right font adds oodles of style and information on the logo design. Different fonts give a psychological impression that has a huge impact on the customer’s mindset.

One unique thing to try is a custom hand drawn a typeface. A custom hand-drawn typeface is way better than most gorgeous fonts anyway. Custom lettering, any day is far more identifiable in a logo than a font that you purchased. For instance who can forget Coca-Cola or Cadbury??

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  • A Flexible Logo Design

When you as a designer are designing a logo, think of it being printed on various things like tee-shirts or business cards or maybe occurring on websites or portals. Your logo should be flexible enough to get its way through all the printing purposes.

The design should also be able to be resized and used in a variety of colors. It should be restricted to a certain dimension or color. It should be timeless if not flexible enough with color variations. Again taking the example of Coca-Cola, a timeless logo indeed!

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  • Be unique, imaginative and clever

Your logo should leave your audience awestruck by the use of your imagination. Tell the world how clever and assertive you are! Be unique with your design. This is one good tip among Logo Design Tips that actually helps. Having a creative approach towards you artwork is great!

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Surf through various designs of logos so you have a good knowledge about logos of different companies and brands, also so that you do not end up making somewhat the same thing; Plagiarism does exist!!

  • A Logo with a Story

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This demands that you go through the clients’ history and the demographics of the customers the brand caters to. This shall offer you a unique approach towards making a logo for the firm/company. Basically, by all this research you can show your clients that the logo you have designed is not simply a superficial piece of artwork but consists of deep thinking and meticulous ideology.

  • Conclusion

A good logo instantly helps a person identify with a company or product. A bad logo, on the other hand, gives the wrong impression about a business, which can actually impair the sales.

Making a logo isn’t a piece of cake, it requires scrupulous study of the clientele and a very imaginative approach to design something that is new, never found before and is not a prototype of any design that pre-exists.

Have a look on some great design evolutions of Logos.

logo design tips

Let us know how helpful did you find these Logo Design Tips!


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