Must have tools for a Graphic Designer

Must have tools for a Graphic Designer

There are various tools on the market that are great when it comes to getting help in graphic designing. Here are Must have tools for a graphic designer to get started.


  1. MacBook or Surface Studio


    Must have tools for a Graphic Designer

    Source : Staticworld

Macbooks have conventionally been the choice of many graphic designers. Surface Studio by Microsoft is with the competition with Mac and looks to be a true artists’ tool- it can be used in regular desktop mode or laid flat so you can design directly on the touch screen. And then there’s the Surface Book as well; which is an ultra-powerful laptop/tablet hybrid more than capable of running Creative Cloud apps.

  1. The right software


Must have tools for a Graphic DesignerIt is quite evident that Adobe’s Creative Cloud is the industry’s standard software for designing purposes. The range and depth in its suite of tools are unparallel. But it comes at a cost, being an individual designer can costs you quite much! Prices for the entire suite start at £50 per month

Other tools include Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, which are both excellent tools from Serif and they only cost around £50 each. No monthly subscription and free updates.


  1. Wacom Graphic Tablet Must have tools for a Graphic Designer

A Wacom tablet (by Intuos) or more expensive Interactive Pen Display (by Cintiq) is one critical choice for design and illustration work. You’ll get pressure sensitivity in Photoshop, Illustrator, but more importantly, you’ll be creating in a more spontaneous and natural way.

  1. Pantone Reference Library

    Must have tools for a Graphic Designer

This is the only way one can really get a precise idea of how special color will print, is to invest in a Pantone Reference Library. Pantone Reference Library is a series of swatch books and folders containing chips that show you a printed representation of each color. The importance is that it not only will show you how the color you select in say will print, but it will also enable you to tear a swatch out and pin it to your proof for the printers – so everyone’s clear on what color you need.

  1. A Calibrated monitor Must have tools for a Graphic Designer

Calibrating your monitor isn’t hard, but it does require a specialist tool, one of the best is the Datacolor Spyder 5 Pro. This tool hangs on your monitor and creates a unique color profile adjusting the monitor’s brightness level based on your room lighting. Calibrating your monitor is the only way to guarantee complete exactness when moving from print to screen.

  1. Compact system camera

    Must have tools for a Graphic Designer

    Source : Jessops

Compact, beautiful and water-resistant with a 24.3mp sensor it’ll do you for all of your creative needs, even if you need to take some great shots for a client job. It’ll cost you more but it’s a great investment.

  1. An Interactive Sketchpad

    Must have tools for a Graphic Designer

    Source : Stoicduality’s YouTube


A sketchbook is essential for every designer. Whether it’s for creating quick wireframes, doodles or simply taking notes, an interactive sketchpad can do wonders. Wacom’s has a great range of smart pads or sketchpads. For instance, the Bamboo Slate is a sketchpad that enables you to move your handwritten notes to files that you can open in Photoshop or Illustrator with a touch of a button.

  1. A solid-state storage Device

    Must have tools for a Graphic Designer

Get a reliable, fast hard drive that you can quickly back up to. Solid state drives are expensive, but because there’s no moving part they’re less likely to fail. Getting a reliable Solid State Storage Device is simply crucial because you need to back up your designs in order to save them.

These were the 8 Must have tools for a graphic designer. These tools are easy and a lot of people may already have a great idea about them. These tools will definitely help a designer. If you found this article of help does mention in the comments below. Happy Designing!


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