The Toolbar of Photoshop: More options on the bar

As we had discussed in the previous article about the first tools on the toolbar of Adobe Photoshop, further we shall now take knowledge of the rest of the tools on the main toolbar of photoshop.

toolbar of photoshop showing all the tools


Eraser Tool:

Eraser tool removes the unwanted area from your image or graphics. You can adjust the setting accordingly; such as the opacity and the hardness of the brush. There are two options in the submenu;

Background Eraser Tool: This is a great tool for removing the background of any image from your document. It is easy to use, simply click and drag the eraser on the areas you want to remove.

Magic Eraser Tool: This tool removes a section of the background that you desire; based on the area you click to remove.

Gradient Tool:

This tool allows you to create a blend of two or more colors you choose, determine the angle of blend or opacity and you are good to go. Also, you can choose how many colors you wish to blend.

Paint Bucket Tool: This tool will fill an area with color, which depends on the tolerance settings.

Smudge Tool:  As the name suggests, the smudge tool smudges or merges the pixels and also allows them to push them around the image. It has two tools in the submenu.

Sharpen Tool: This tool allows you to sharpen the areas of an image; one has to paint manually to sharpen any image. The accuracy is amazing of the sharpen tool.

Blur Tool: It gives pin-point accuracy when you blur the sections or areas of the image. It is quite useful during harsh transitions between images.

Dodge Tool:

It allows you to paint in the highlights in various tonal ranges in your document.

Burn Tool: The burn tool allows you to lighten or darken various tonal ranges in the images also you can paint in shadows.

Sponge Tool: With the Sponge tool one can add or subtract saturation from the images in precise areas.

Pen Tool:

This tool enables you to draw paths for various uses in your document.

Freeform Pen Tool: It lets you draw a path freehand and adds anchors along the way.

Add Anchor Tool: This adds anchor points along the path, by directly clicking on the path itself.

Delete Anchor Point Tool: Enables you to delete the anchor points that you do not need.

Convert Point Tool: Allows you to convert a straight path to a round one or vice versa. You have to select the path first and then click on the tool.

Text Tool:

This is the main tool for creating your type in Adobe Photoshop and quite significant in the toolbar of photoshop.

Horizontal Type Tool: This is the normal type tool, types horizontally.

Vertical Type Tool: Lets you type vertically instead of the conventional horizontal way.

Horizontal Type Mask Tool and Vertical Type Mask Tool: Both the tools enable you to make a mask from a typeface.

Path Selection Tool:

This tool lets you select the entire path at a single time.

Direct Selection Tool: Enables you to select one or more anchor points within a single path.

Shape Tools:

The Shape tool lets you draw various shapes based on the paths or shape layers. It includes Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, The Line Tool and The Custom Shape Tools.

3D Tools:

This tool enables you to manipulate objects in three-dimensional liberties.

Camera Tools:

This tool allows you to manipulate the position of the camera when working in 3D. You can pan and rotate the image just click on this tool on the toolbar of photoshop.

The Hand Tool:

Lets you move any area of the image without dragging. By just holding the space bar you can easily switch to the hand tool.

Rotate View Tool: This tool enables you to rotate the entire Photoshop canvas at any rotation less than 360 degrees. If you want the canvas back to normal you can just click on the reset button in the options bar.

Zoom Tool:

Click and drag a selection of an image and it shall zoom in and vice versa. The Zoom tool enables you to zoom in or zoom out at any specific point in your image document. This is helpful when the user wants to zoom in on a specific point in the image.


These were the options and sub-options on the main Toolbar of Photoshop. This shall give you an overview of the tools that come handy when you have newly started working in Photoshop. It is a quick and easy way to edit your pictures, documents or graphics in an effective way.

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