Play With Text in Your Design

Fonts and typefaces play an important role in a design and placing the text is a crucial task; it can ruin the whole image if not placed at an apt position or in an apt typeface. Not only the placing matters but also the font of the text, how much space it should gather in the entire design and how it should connect with the design is also significant. Today in this article we shall talk about the same and shall learn about tips on how to play with text in your design.

There are many ways one can play and alter the texts in a graphic design template. We shall discuss a few of them and surely they will be of help. Let’s get started with it.

  1. Contrast is the Key

When you choose a typeface or font with a contrasting background not only it appears good but also increases the readability of the design. If the background is darker, lighter colored texts would pop out and hence make it easier for the reader.

Contrast is the Key

  1. Varying Fonts for Emphasis

When you take a font that varies in accordance with the entire content, this makes it easier to highlight the important things in the design. Look how the word ‘fat’ and ‘bold’ have been taken in bold in the same typeface to increase the impact they leave on the onlooker.

Varying Fonts for Emphasis

  1. Use Shapes to Create an Impact

Using various geometric shapes to write the text makes it contrasting to the background at the same time not totally hiding the background. You can keep the shape filled or can emboss text on it or any other way as you want your text to look like.

Use Shapes to Create an Impact

  1. Align Your Text

Align your text in areas of your image where there is less noise. Find empty space rather than places in the image which are already filled with some or the other content, text wise or pattern-wise. Your text will be easily identifiable where there is lesser noise in the image.

Align Your Text

  1. Stack Different Typefaces

Use a little creativity in your design by stacking different types of fonts from different families of typefaces to get a stylized effect of your own. Learning Typography is one effective trick that always helps.

Stack Different Typefaces

  1. Using Relevant Images to Portray Your Message

Using images that relate to your text always help the reader to identify with your message. Whether you are just making the graphics for some fun task or for a serious affair, images speak for themselves. You can devise your artwork or design in such a way that the text keeps up with the image.

Using Relevant Images to Portray Your Message

  1. Craft a Frame

Create a frame outside that is containing your text inside. This is a way to highlight your text without making it look too obvious and boastful. This makes your design sleek as well. Consider the below given example of a frame or outline placed outside of the text.

Craft a Frame

  1. Utilize Colors from the Background

Take colors from the background of the image to apply it to your text. The symmetry makes the design look appealing as the brain gets a color symmetry that appears great in a visual sense. Try this tip to push your text forth. Trying colors is a great way to play with text in your design.

Utilize Colors from the Background

  1. Employ Different Fonts in a Single Image

Use of two fonts with each other results in a mesmerizing design. Believe it or not, try it yourself, mix a bold geometric font and one with more of a breezy and flowing font and see the magic yourself.

Employ Different Fonts in a Single Image

  1. Try Transparency

Transparency makes the design flow with the text. It produces relevancy with text. For instance, if we see the below given image, the element in the image is water and the text says make waves. Adding transparency draws your perception of making waves with the water.

Try Transparency

  1. Placement is Crucial

Placement of the text is crucial when it comes to readability. If the reader is not able to build sync between the lines, the design is obsolete in terms of readability. It might as well not reach up to the audience as it is already not much appealing in terms of text. The tip to this is to break your lines up the way they should be read. Consider the following image as an example.

Placement is Crucial

  1. Make a Grid

Using a clean grid helps a lot in conveying your message. Apply a grid to create a clean combination or say composition using one dominant color as the text box. Apply your relevant text in the box and use any technique mentioned above to get an outstanding design that conveys the message as well as serves all the purpose.

Make a Grid

  1. Create a Visual Harmony

Rotate your text in the direction of any flow in your image or design. If you have waves, for instance, rotate your text in the direction of the waves to get a par excellence appeal to your image. This technique creates visual harmony and is quite an eye-pleasing way to play with text in your design.

Create a Visual Harmony

These were some clever tips on how to play with text in your design. Employ these techniques and watch how catchy and viral your images become. Typography is a new trend but has been on the market for ages. There are innumerous ways to use typography in your designs, artworks or images that would make them all the more appealing. If you liked this article, do read our article on Typography. I am sure that also would help you with placing the text in your artworks.

Use your text wisely!




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