Quick and easy mobile website design tips

Quick and easy mobile website design tips

We are aware of the growing demands in for apps and website designs in the market. How designing has taken over the market and how much it’s exponentially picking up the pace is not a new thing now. There are various parameters that a designer should have in mind and should adhere to in order to achieve a design that is worth the efforts and time of the designer. The range of these parameters varies from building a responsive web design, mobile-friendly web fonts and so much more. Mobile website design tips will surely help you out!

To make the budding designers aware and well-equip of these parameters we have listed down some essential points. Let us have a look on these parameters.

  1. Where to start first, Mobile or desktop?

    tips to create mobile website

It really doesn’t matter where you start with, but one should definitely experiment in both, the small screens and the large or the desktop screens.

The key to work with mobile sites is to have in mind the content taking in consideration with a smaller screen.  Further, you should always consider your content, why it’s there and how it should behave across devices. This will lessen your hassle and clear your perception.

  1. Know your target audience and what they use

    Quick and easy mobile website design tips

Getting equipped with the knowledge of what your target audience uses is a good start; by uses, we mean which mobile they use. This is a key for guiding the design process and your mobile website strategy. Nowadays everyone has a smart phone but it is essential to know which phone they are using to check whether your design would be compatible on their phone or not.

Further, you should also know if they are using a reliable internet connection or not, just in the case if your mobile design doesn’t work offline. Particularly for example, if your users fill in forms on their mobile devices.

  1. Make use of analytics to have a hand over what devices to focus on

    Quick and easy mobile website design tips

It is very crucial to know what device to focus on. This takes three parameters in consideration of operating systems, versions and screen sizes. For example, when we are talking about Google analytics one can see a breakdown of the devices that are being used, the division between different operating systems as well as what versions of each operating system that is being used.

  1. Hold on to UI guidelines, patterns and interaction principles

    Quick and easy mobile website design tips

Each and every operating system (OS) has a set of UI (User Interface) and interaction principles that their users are used to. Each device uses a set UI Guidelines and patterns in use. Never create an Android app by taking up your iOS App design and use it as it is. You should optimize and recognize that each operating system is different and works differently with a totally different UI and system patterns. Having knowledge of what makes the devices and OS different and adhering to the principles shall make your app easier to use.

  1. Don’t be afraid to challenge what’s already in the market

    Quick and easy mobile website design tips

The whole of the internet is filled with great designs coming up day in and out. One should not be afraid or bother about building and creating something new or challenging something which is always there.

Every individual is unique and can come up with a newer form of the older version already present in the market. Pushing the boundaries or challenging what’s already there is a sign of an intelligent designer!

  1. Prototype, test, iterate and repeat!

One of the most important steps is to prototype and iterate as you move forth in creating a site for mobile. What all works and what not should be known to you. The areas that require more of a detailed look should be handled and served immediately. Test and get feedback as this is how you grow in the domain.

  1. Deliver content quickly

    Quick and easy mobile website design tips

Mobile websites should be clean and free of extra unnecessary content. When a user arrives at your website he or she should have fast access to the relevant information they are looking for. The content should be delivered quickly.

  1. Design your website from the user’s viewpoint

This is one of the important points that a designer should keep in mind. The users should have a convenient approach towards your website and that they navigate through it smoothly. Ask some of your clients or friends to test your website for you so that they can tell you as per their perception what all they find missing or what all can be added for them to have an ultimate experience at your site.

  1. Choose the right web font for your website

    Quick and easy mobile website design tips

Do keep a responsive type, for mobiles try to keep the fonts as simple as possible. Try not to use serif fonts, similarly, you can be more creative with the typeface you are using and can also embed fonts on a mobile site.

  1. Test, test, test…

This is crucial!! There are so many platforms on which mobile phones run and it is practically impossible to test your website on every possible combination of device and OS. For example, Windows Mobile, iOS, Blackberry OS and Cyanogen OS are some known and can be tested on.

  1. Consider battery life of the device

    Quick and easy mobile website design tips

This is again quite important. Your site should not consume the battery life of the device. This seems to be irrelevant as you are making a website and not any App. But consider this, because smart phones and tablets have limited-size batteries, and powerful processors, the more the processor works the more the battery is consumed hence draining the battery.

Try avoiding tools like geo-location positioning, or rendering complex canvas animations which consume a lot of battery life.

  1. Minimize text input for your website

To reduce your user’s frustration, try using as less text as possible. It is really not a fun task to write down a lot on a small sized screen. It’s also a pretty interruptive process on modern touch-screen devices as the virtual keyboard pops up over the web content.


These were some of the mobile website design tips one can utilize while creating a website. These are basic tips that must be acknowledged and given importance to. Let’s hope this article gave you the information you came to look for!

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