A Quick Guide to Adobe Illustrator

In the previous articles we have talked about Adobe Photoshop and its basics; toolbar, layers and panels, its difference from CorelDraw. In this article, we shall discuss the basics of another Adobe’s software called the Adobe Illustrator, which is a sister program to Adobe Photoshop. So let us now dive in for a quick guide to Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Photoshop is used to create and edit images and photos, but what about the vector images? It is where Adobe Illustrator comes to the rescue! Illustrator is used by artists as well as graphic designers for creating striking vector images. If we go in a bit of a detail, it is used for creating illustrations, charts, graphs, logos, diagrams, cartoons of real photographs, and more. It is mostly used to create high-resolution graphics, which can later be printed as well.

Adobe Illustrator uses mathematical equations to frame an artwork, unlike Adobe Photoshop which processes information in pixels or dots and produces raster images (gif, jpeg, etc). Vector images are free from getting pixilated. Mathematical equations let you design vectors which are not made up of a grid of pixels.

How then are these created? Vectors are created by paths. It is a combination of a starting point and an ending point and of shapes, angles and lines in-between. These paths relate to each other by mathematical equations, allowing them to be scaled and rescaled any number of times as desired.

Since it is an Adobe Program it works well with other Adobe programs in the Creative Suite such as Photoshop. You can easily drag and drop your design in Photoshop or InDesign to further edit your image or add filters etc.

The key ADVANTAGES of the Illustrator are as follows:

  • Advantages of Creating Vector Graphics:
  • High resolution at any size of image;
  • Small file size hence easy to export;
  • High-quality print as it is not a raster image;
  • No resolution loss while editing.

Let us now have a quick overview on some of the most AWESOME features of Adobe Illustrator:

  • Building Artwork With Easy Vector Shapes

    work with shapes in Adobe Illustrator

    Source: wikihow

It is quite easy to create superb designs with vector shapes. As these are vector and not raster images, these can be edited very easily and also can be stretched to any size and shape. You can diminish the image up to the smallest size you need to as huge as a size of a skyscraper. The image shall not lose its integrity that is; the image will not suffer pixelation at any point.

  • The Ease of Drawing

    ease of drawing in Adobe Illustrator

    Source: wikihow

There are innumerous ways in which one can easily draw and sketch or trace in Adobe Illustrator. You can draw smooth lines and freehand curves with the Pencil tool. You can also create neat curves and accurate angles with the Curvature tool and adjust your drawing without even switching the tools.

  • The Ease Of Using Impeccable Typography

    great typography in Adobe Illustrator

    Source: wikihow

One great feature that comes in the Illustrator is the Adobe Typekit which gets included when you get your Adobe Creative Cloud Membership. This Typekit has numerous high-quality fonts; you can combine these fonts with the typographical features in the Illustrator to produce professional typography. Beautiful typography makes your design artwork unique and adds finishing touch to your design.

  • A Huge Color Palette

    huge color palatte of Adobe Illustrator

    Source: softonic

Ingenious and catchy designs are made to stand out by using peppy colors. Illustrator enables you to perk up your design artwork with the use of colors effortlessly. You can choose a swatch from the swatch panel or you can choose one from the spectrum of colors provided by the Illustrator. You can also customize a pre-built vector effect as well.

If you are already familiar with Adobe Photoshop you can easily work with Illustrator, as the workspace is somewhat the same. It is a powerful software for creating remarkable design artworks that can be used for web pages, web sites or for print purposes. If you are looking for a place to build yourself in the designing world, go no further, Adobe Illustrator is your thing! Master this and you shall touch higher dimensions in the field of Graphic Designing.

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