Specifications of Affinity Designer (Part-1)

Specifications of Affinity Designer (Part-1)

In our previous article, we have read about Affinity Designer. In this article, we shall have a glimpse of the specifications of Affinity designer. Let’s get started.

Guide to Affinity Designer

It is relatively fast

• Pan and zoom at 60fps
• Live previews of transforms
• Real-time gradients, effects, blend modes with adjustments
• Doesn’t get hindered by the complexity or size of the project or artwork.
• 64-bit multi-core optimization and hardware acceleration

Specifications of Affinity Designer (Part-1)

Source: sessions.edu


Beautiful By Design

• Built from the ground up for professionals
• Stylish and uncluttered interface


• Create and save your own custom keyboard shortcuts
• Create your own toolbars and toolbar layouts
• Reorganize on-screen panels, float or dock as preferred
• Fine-tune UI tool size and choose monochrome or colored buttons
• Search Preferences and set up as required

Naturally Easy to UseSpecifications of Affinity Designer (Part-1)

This is one impeccable under specifications of Affinity Designer
• Follows industry traditions for the most popular shortcuts
• Use basic multi-button/wheeled mice and graphics tablets
• Check the Hint Line and Context toolbar for help with current actions
• Quickly hide all tools and panels for a bigger design preview
• Work with multiple designs and multiple displays

Mixed Order Design

• Task-focused design spaces create a clean, efficient environment
• Switch between vector, pixel, and export modes
• One Affinity file format is compatible with all Affinity suite apps

Over 1,000,000% Zoom

A powerful tool in specifications of Affinity Designer
• Super zoom level: Zoom way beyond 1,000,000% smoothly and quickly
• CAD-like level of precision
• Instantly switch between favorite zoom levels

Affluent History

• Instantly undo/redo over 8,000 History steps
• Store document states as Snapshots
• Save History so you can undo steps later
• Undo actions performed in other Affinity suite apps
• A seamless AutoSave protects against unexpected shutdowns

Specifications of Affinity Designer (Part-1)Pro Vector Illustration

Rock Solid Pen and Node Tools
• Instinctively and quickly create what you want with fewer clicks
• Change node types on the fly without interrupting your flow
• Switch between Pen and Node tools with a key press
• On-curve and off-curve node snapping (with geometry snapping)
• Apply pressure, scaling, drawing, line end settings for organic strokes

Specifications of Affinity Designer (Part-1)Tool and Mode Switching

• One tool flexibly selects, moves, rotates, scales, and skews
• Switch to the Move tool any time with a key press
• Toggle between popular tools and temporarily change modes
• Intuitively edit objects within groups without ungrouping
• Optionally move parent objects without their child layers

Specifications of Affinity Designer (Part-1)Artboards

• Create multiple artboards within one document
• Use separate canvases for different versions of icons and other web/UI elements
• Create stationery variants all in one design
• Output artboards as separate pages in exported PDFs
• Name artboards (including using emojis)
• Apply custom grids and guides per artboard


• Simultaneous and automatic editing of repeating design elements
• Create symbols via easy access Symbols Panel
• Replicate symbols as individual symbol instances
• Synchronization across instances by default
• Switch off synchronization for isolated edits
• Edit distinct object properties independently of each other

Specifications of Affinity Designer (Part-1)Constraints for UI Design

• Avoids time-consuming design rework
• Auto-layout on differently sized device artboards
• Scale and/or anchor design elements to their ‘parent’ container
• Select object edges to be constrained
• Dedicated Constraints Panel for scale/anchor control
• Max/min fit for fixed aspect ratios

Canvas Rotation

• Rotate the page like you would when using paper to sketch
• Maps to popular graphics tablet and keyboard controls
• Disable canvas rotation to prevent accidental use

Corner Tool

• Neatly round and soften corners on shapes and lines
• For single corners/nodes, a selection, or all nodes at once

Pencil Tool

• Draw lines with an intuitive balance of accuracy and smoothing
• Adjust weight automatically based on velocity, pressure, or use fixed width

Live Gradient Fills and Transparencies

One of the best specifications of Affinity Designer
• Draw gradients live in your design, instantly and smoothly
• Apply color and transparency gradients to fills and outlines
• Easily adjust the nodes and rates of change for gradients
• Use solid, linear, elliptical, radial, conical gradients and apply bitmaps
• Aspect ratio control (bitmap fill/transparency only)

Specifications of Affinity Designer (Part-1)Textured Noise

• Add noise to object fills and outlines, also as a gradient

Live Boolean Geometry

• Join, intersect, subtract, divide and combine shape outlines
• Boolean operations are editable (Compound Shapes) without using Undo

Editable Shapes

• Regular shapes are naturally smart with unique editing nodes
• Easily customize shapes, achieve neat results with snapping geometry
• Create perfect squares and circles by constraining primitives
• Apply special and rounded corners as absolute or % values
• Customize cogs, stars, arrows, pies, and 14 other smart shapes

Advanced Layers and Masks

• Organize using layers, groups, stacks and layer naming
• Seamlessly mix vector and raster layer types
• Isolate, rename, lock, hide and merge layers with easy shortcuts
• Clip and mask by dragging and dropping, masks remain editable
• Apply multiple masks for complex transparencies
• No limits on number of layers, masks, groups, or hierarchy of layers
• Limit the effect of adjustments and layer effects by drag and drop
• Easily find objects within the Layer panel hierarchy

Specifications of Affinity Designer (Part-1)Insert Inside, Paste Inside

• Add artwork within shapes and layers using Insert Inside and Paste Inside
• Also Insert Behind and Insert Above the current layer

Live Pixel and Outline Views

• See in standard and retina qualities in Pixel view—while still editing
• Wireframe Outline view distils your shapes and line art

Live Split Screen

• Split the screen to show Regular and Pixel or Outline views together, live
• Drag the splitter across your design in real time
• Continue designing, the view is totally live

Convert to Curves

• Convert primitives, imported vectors, and text to editable curves
• Optionally convert some objects to curves at export time

Expand Stroke

• Detach outlines from vector objects to create new shapes
• Add new outlines to expanded strokes

Power Duplicate

• Duplicate objects and repeat transforms all in one go
• Create geometric patterns or repeating, scaling, rotating designs

Specifications of Affinity Designer (Part-1)Powerful Snapping

• Snap to grids, guides, canvas edges, margins, gaps and more
• Tailor for different use cases or choose task-based presets
• Force Pixel Alignment snapping option for UI and web design
• Snapping candidate control (last six selected or layer based)
• Dynamic alignment works smoothly on snapping candidates
• Save favorite snapping settings as new presets

Layout Grids

• Create standard square and rectangular grids
• Create axonometric grids (isometric layouts and more)
• Custom grids (Triangular, 2-axis, and 3-axis)
• Change grid color and opacity
• Add gutters and minor/major gridlines
• Snap to standard and custom grids for accurate designing
• Simplified Grid & Axis Manager

Misc Design Aids

• Inter-object measurement guides
• Clip to page/artboard canvas


• Automatically distribute objects horizontally or vertically
• Distribute to your choice of spacing
• Change object Z-order


• Accurately position and scale objects to specific values
• Use functions like +50% to scale objects
• Apply transforms about an anchor point selected in the Transform panel
• Rotate using dedicated lollipop or from outside corner handles
• Set a custom center of rotation
• Skew using on-screen controls or the Transform panel
• Flip objects with handy buttons

Switch Views

• Save favorite view settings in the Navigator panel
• Quickly switch from one part of a document to another at different zoom

Multiple Views

• See the same design, live, with different pan, zoom, or view modes
• Work on objects close up separately from the parent design
• Work on website and UI elements as part of a larger mock-up

Assets for easy access to stored design elements

• Dedicated panel for asset storage
• Ready-to-go iOS design elements (icons, bars, controls, and more)
• Store any object to a custom subcategory
• Import/export assets

Specifications of Affinity Designer (Part-1)Styles

• Save combinations of fill, line and effects settings for reuse
• Apply styles for design consistency, e.g. your favorite letterpress
• Optionally scale styles with objects
• Search for styles by style name

Embed and Place Artwork

• Embed PSDs, Affinity Designer files, and others as part of larger designs
• Double-click to open and edit embedded designs and PSDs
• Place regular artwork and edit in-situ as normal
• Use embedded document’s artboards selectively
• Maintain embedded contents as vectors on export

Program Defaults

• Apply your preferred object settings as defaults

Work the Way You Want

• Tailor tool behaviors and UI settings in Preferences
• Zoom, select, nudge and more the way you like

Specifications of Affinity Designer (Part-1)Raster Design Tools

Apply Raster Techniques to Vector Art

• Switch to the Pixel persona, select a brush, and start shading or texturing
• Finesse artwork with Dodge, Burn, Smudge and Sharpen brush tools
• See a live preview at the brush tip before you retouch your design

Pixel Selections

• Isolate parts of your design to constrain raster retouching
• Use regular shapes, pixel-width regions, freehand lasso, and selection brush
• Select regions based on color and tonal ranges
• Grow, shrink, feather, smooth and outline selections

Add Bitmaps to Your Designs

• Place bitmaps and scale non-destructively
• Apply raster adjustments at the object level upwards
• Treat images as objects or as pixel-based layers

‘Magic Wand’ Selection Brush

• Create selections quickly using a smart selection brush
• Automatically grow regions to detected edges, whether raster or vector

Refine Selections

• Select fine detail like hair and fur with advanced refining
• Set refinement border width, smoothness, mode, and feather size
• Output refinement as a selection, mask, new layer, or new layer with mask

Professional Typography

Pro Font Support

• Create elegant text with OpenType, Type 1, and True Type fonts
• Use advanced OpenType features including Ligatures
• Insert placeholder text while constructing designs
• Insert special characters and symbols
• Copy and paste style between objects
• Font fallbacks

Specifications of Affinity Designer (Part-1)

• Fonts are previewed instantly while creating or customizing text
• Access fonts by collection for efficiency
• See recently used fonts first

Live OpenType Feature Previews

• Typography panel shows live feature previews
• Easily select the right Stylistic Set every time
• Preview Ligatures, Contextual Alternates, Swashes and more

Character and Paragraph Panels

• Style text with on-screen panels you can dock, move and resize
• Adjust kerning, tracking, shear, baseline and other character attributes
• Easily set leading, indents, tab stops and justification


Art and Frame Text

• Adding scalable art text in is perfect for quick headlines and callouts
• Add body text to designs using frames as containers
• Create containers of any shape
• Control alignment, justification, character and paragraph settings
• Optionally scale text content when scaling the parent text frame


• Type text along a custom curve
• Control start and end points
• Set text on both or either side of lines
• Convert shapes to text paths
• Control all the normal text attributes including baseline

Live Spell Checking

Great tool in specifications of Affinity Designer
• Spell check on the fly, or on demand, and customize the dictionary
• Check against any dictionary installed

Text Styles

• Ensure text appears consistent
• Apply character and paragraph styles
• Easily update styles cross-document
• Design from scratch or from text selection
• Style hierarchies
• Style groups

Specifications of Affinity Designer (Part-1)
This was the first part of the specifications of Affinity Designer. Your can also visit their website to download or for having an overview of the same. Go to: https://affinity.serif.com

Happy Designing!

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