Top tips for bloggers: Graphic Design

Top tips for bloggers: Graphic Design

Graphic design holds large impetus when it comes to graphic design. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the top tips for bloggers regarding graphic design, which are sure to be of help. Have a look!


  • Choosing a good color palette

Top tips for bloggers: Graphic Design

A color palette is really important when it comes to business. Your colors can tell a lot about your business; like green represents nature and energy, while red represents love and warmth. Always make sure you choose the right color palette.

  • Create a style guide!

    Brand Style Guide

A style guide is a guidebook about all the things that represent your brand, like your name, Colors, fonts, your logo, and your graphics etc.

  • Never stretch a font

    typography tricks

When you stretch any font the typeface gets distorted resulting in a very absurd looking font. This font, when given on print, proves to be very ill-looking. Hence it is advised not to stretch a font. Further, you can read our article on typography to have a better idea of the font.

  • Know how to match fonts

    Graphic Design Trends That Won’t Go Out of Style

    Source :

This is very crucial. If you mix two fonts of the same kind, the result can be very disastrous. It is advisable that one should have a clear know-how of how fonts are paired or mixed.

  • Watch your text alignment

    Design Rules You Should Never Break

    Source: designschool.canva

Know the difference between justify, left, right and center alignment, and when to use.

  • For branding: Keep it together!

    Use of transparency in design

    Source: designschool.canva

Make sure that everything in your brand represents your brand. For example: use the same color palette on your site, business card, graphics, and printables. When you will do that, people will recognize your brand easily.

  • Know when to use the right font

    The Do's and Don’ts of Logo Design

    Source: Smashing magazine

Have a look at our article; 20 best formal fonts and 20 best calligraphic fonts to have a clear knowledge of using the right font at the right time.

  • Never overdo it!

Drop shadows, Gradients, Shape tool, Colors, Textures; it is tempting to choose it all in one design, but we recommend you not to do that! It will not look professional. It is better to keep it clear and professional than using everything.

  • Designing evergreen Graphics

    Graphic Design Trends That Won’t Go Out of Style

    Source : ExamThemes

Evergreen graphics are graphics that will still look awesome and trend in 10 years. So if you are going to design something that will only be trending this year: Be aware that you have to design something else next year if you want to stay up to date with your design.


Source : SkilledUp

  • Use guidelines

    Top tips for bloggers: Graphic Design

    Source : Youtube Illustrator Tut

Use guides/guidelines to make your design perfect. If you use guides, you can align everything perfectly

  • Know the difference between CMYK and RGB

Top tips for bloggers: Graphic Design

Source : Garuda Promo and Branding Solutions

This one is really important! CMYK is for printing, and RGB is for screens. If you are going to publish a CMYK image on a screen, it will be fluorescent. Go through our article Important terms every graphic designer should know to have knowledge of CMYK and RGB.

  • Use the touch type tool to decrease distance between letters [Shitf+T]

Top tips for bloggers: Graphic Design

Source : TinyTutorials

Sometimes, when you download a free font, the creator of the font forgot to pay attention to kerning. Kerning is the distance between letters. You can fix bad kerning with the touch typing tool. Read our article on kerning rules for bettering kerning.

  • Use a clipping mask to create a shape with a texture

Top tips for bloggers: Graphic Design

Source : Adobe Support

[Object>Clipping mask> Make]

To create round pictures, or a text with flower texture use the clipping mask in Adobe Illustrator. Have a look at the guide to adobe illustrator.

  • Learn the illustrator shortcuts

Top tips for bloggers: Graphic Design

Source : Makeawebsitehub

If you want your workflow to go a little faster, learn the Illustrator shortcuts. It will save a lot of time

  • Get to know Pathfinder!

Top tips for bloggers: Graphic Design

Source :

[Window> Pathfinder]

  • Design infographics to give people information

Quick Guide to infographics gfxlovers

Infographics are here to stay. These have become the backbone of the design industry and render a great deal of information. Have a look at our article on guide to infographics.

  • Easily move a graphic to another layer

Go to your layer panel, select the object that you want to move. In the layer panel, you will see a little square. Grab that square and move it to another layer. Done!

  • Create patterns really easy

Top tips for bloggers: Graphic Design

Source : Abduzeedo


  • Use the direct select tool to select a graphic that is grouped.

Top tips for bloggers: Graphic Design

Source : Maxtutorials youtube

The direct select tool (the white arrow) helps you to adjust a shape, or select a shape in a grouped design.

  • Recolor your artwork

    Top tips for bloggers: Graphic Design

    Source : Stack Exchange

[Edit>Editcolors>Recolor Artwork]

Recoloring is an important aspect when you’re a designer. Suppose you made a design in red, but your client wants the same in blue. Simply, recolor it.

  • Design your own font

Top tips for bloggers: Graphic Design

Source: CollegeTut

In illustrator, you can design your own font! After you have done that simply search for a website that turns your design in a font

  • Make use of the white space

    Graphic Design Trends That Won’t Go Out of Style

To know about the white space read our article on Design Tips.

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