Top Websites for Freelance, Business & Lifestyle Building

Top Websites for Freelance, Business & Lifestyle Building

Are you a budding web or graphics designer? Looking for a platform to sell your designs or where you can work efficiently in your genre? Well, we have a list ready at your disposal where you can sell your designs or build a business for yourself. let us have a look on Top Websites for Freelance, Business & Lifestyle Building.

99U, from Behance, gives you some motivating articles on the day-to-day running of business, freelancing and productivity tips.

Although they give a lot of attention to the design side of things, some more wide-ranging articles on gadgets to global interest are some of their wine fines.

This blog is again one of a kind of design blog; it provides an excellent resource for young designers looking to get into the business of design.

Some of the best information providing for creative professionals is this, NuSchool website. It’s really worth a read!

The Creative Review blog offers fantastic premium quality read on a number of topics along with their published magazine.

Freelance Folder, as the name suggests is one insightful website giving advice on all things freelance.

This is a fun-filled, must read blog site. If you think you deal with bad customers, spend a few minutes here for a laugh/cringe.

The simplicity of the site is impeccable and beautiful. Talking about the content part, it has excellent blogs from Paul Jarvis.

Cameron covers a bit of everything in his blog, especially the “miscellaneous banter” as he puts it.

Great posts from Khoi Vinh on a range of topics, the designers would definitely love the minimal layout of the website.

Their description says all you need to know: “Stuff & nonsense and all that malarkey.”

Ciera’s blog contains a wealth of inspiration, advice, and range of topics that will appeal to all freelancers.

Rair’s Blog has lots of interesting articles that would interest you, from industry news to start-up advice and legal matters.

Kelsey’s blog displays a lot of great advice to running a business and freelancing as a designer.

Brent Galloway’s Blog is a US based, freelance designer blog offering a great insight into his day to day life.

Jessica Hische’s Thoughts is a lot of personal insights in this blog, along with some great advice and tips for freelancing.

Sacha is a valued designer, coder, and entrepreneur whose blog offers ideas, tips and advice for up and coming designers amongst personal updates and news.

Sievers Creative is a creative blog about marketing, web design and advertising.

There are a lot of websites that give you immense knowledge about Freelance, Business & Lifestyle Building.

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